Shifting Atmospheres Through Intercession - What is Intercession Part B?

March 15, 2018

Let's look at the definition of intercession. Noah Webster was a christian writer in the the 19th century and he compiled the American Dictionary of the English Language in 1828. It contains 70,000 words and over 6,000 Bible references and it remains one of the only mainstream dictionaries to use Bible references to demonstrate the meaning of words. I am exploring the definition using this dictionary.


To intercede means:

To pass between

To mediate: to make intercession, to act between parties with a view to reconcile those who differ or contend

To plead in favor of one



The act of interceding, mediating, with a view to reconciliation


For me, intercession is going into God's presence and petitioning Him on behalf of others, then praying His answers. Wow, it really is that simple! We often overcomplicate where there is no need to do so.


I never knew growing up that prayer was a conversation with God. I assumed it was a monologue not a dialogue. I would present my requests to God and expect Him to answer the way I wanted Him to or I would tell Him how I wanted the prayers answered. Unknowingly, I was holding God hostage to my demands. I love this quote by Bill Johnson "you will always be disappointed when God is your slave, but you will never be disappointed when you are His servant."


Often we come before the Lord and pray from the seat of fear and hopelessness begging God rescue us in a specific way . When we do so, we have partnered with the wrong mindset of fear. When we align ourselves with God's perspective the possibilities are limitless and all obstacles are surmountable. That is why we can say, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."



We are all called to intercede. Its not just meant for a special few. Anyone who loves to chat with God is a natural intercessor. God is looking for a willing and obedient heart. He is looking for your "yes." Will you give Him your "yes" today and partner with Him to shift atmospheres and bring heaven to earth?



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