Shifting Atmospheres Through Intercession - Understanding Our Authority

March 20, 2018


As believers we ALL have been given authority....

In Luke 10 Jesus sent his 70 disciples ahead of Him to prepare the various cities for His ministry. In verse 3 he says


“Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves.”


It was a warning about what they could expect from the people they would meet and an instruction to stay calm, no matter what. We can assume that when the disciples entered the city territories, the resident spirits challenged their authority, because they were later excited to report back to Jesus how the spirits submitted to them in His name.


In verse 19 Jesus then clarified their spiritual authority, saying,


“I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”


This marked the beginning of a true authority shift on earth toward the Kingdom of God - one we too get to live out. Spiritual authority was delegated first to the disciples and then to every believer in Christ. We all have authority in His name and the capacity to subdue whatever tries to hinder His Kingdom from expanding. This is a powerful truth but we need to learn how to live it out.  If we are to know the depths of our spiritual authority it is imperative that we know the one who gives it to us. We can determine and prophesy the will of the Father only to the extent that we Know Him and recognize His voice.


In James 4:8 it says


“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”


Drawing near means to come close to Him, to approach Him. This can seem a bit daunting if we are not sure 1) He wants us to draw near 2) How to connect to His presence 3) Where to find Him. It all comes down to following His promptings.  Do not be deceived into believing you can't hear Him. 


“My sheep know my voice” (John 10:27).


As you draw near to Him, God will reveal his heart for your city, your relationships, your finances, and even your health. Once you hear His heart, you partner your requests to line up with what He shows you. 


If we are going to  shift atmospheres successfully to bring heaven to earth in   our work environments, in relationships, in our homes, in towns and cities, we will need the help of the Holy Spirit. Practice this week what I call , "leaning in to the Holy Spirit." Ask Him to show you where He is at a given moment and then position yourself to nestle into Him.




This week I encourage you to take time out each day to develop your secret place with God away from distractions and noise so you can focus on your relationship with Him. As you develop a strong foundation with God you will understand and exercise more of the authority He has given you. 



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